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Cherry Adair interview with Diana Belchase
New York Times Bestselling author Cherry Adair speaks with Diana Belchase for an interesting interview.
Cherry Adair

2011 PRO Mentor of the Year
Cherry Adair

An adventurer in life as well as writing, New York Times bestselling author Cherry Adair moved halfway across the globe from Cape Town, South Africa, to the United States in her early years to become an interior designer. Now a resident of the Pacific Northwest, she shares the award-winning adventures of her fictional T-FLAC counterterrorism operatives with her readers.

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Cherry Adair Biography


Always an adventurer in life as well as writing, New York Times best-selling author Cherry Adair moved halfway across the globe from Cape Town, South Africa to the United States in her early years to become a interior designer.  Now a resident of the Pacific Northwest she shares the award- winning adventures of her fictional T-FLAC counter terrorism operatives with her readers.

Cherry settled in beautiful San Francisco, where she started what eventually became a thriving interior design business. "I loved being a designer because it was varied and creative, and I enjoyed working with the public." A voracious reader when she was able to carve out the time, Cherry found her brain crowded with characters and stories of her own. "Eventually," she says, "the stories demanded to be told."

When asked why she chooses to write romantic action adventure, she says, "Who says you can’t have adventure and a great love life?  Of course if you’re talking about an adventurous love life, that’s another thing altogether.  I write romantic suspense coupled heart-pounding adventure because I like to entertain, and nothing keeps readers happier than a rollercoaster read, followed by a happy ending."

Popular on the workshop circuit, Cherry gives lively classes on writing and the writing life. Pulling no punches when asked how to become a published writer, Cherry insists, "Sit your butt in the chair and write. There's no magic to it. Writing is hard work. It isn't for sissies or whiners."

Cherry loves to spend time at home. A corner desk keeps her focused on writing, but the windows behind her, with a panoramic view of the front gardens, are always calling her to come outside and play. Her office has nine-foot ceilings, a fireplace, a television and built-in bookcases that will house approximately 3,500 paperback books.

"What can I say? My keeper shelf has been breeding in the middle of the night, rather like drycleaners' wire clothes hangers.”

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April 2012
AFTERGLOW receives the Coffee Time Reviewer's Recommendation Award (CTRR)
from Coffee Time Romance & More.  This award recognizes outstanding writing styles
in all book types and genres.


HUSH wins Romantic Times Best Action Adventure Paranormal Award 2012


PRO Mentor of the Year Award 2011

Interview with Cherry on White Heat
Paul Gude

Paul Gude interviews bestselling romance author Cherry Adair about her upcoming novel, "White Heat."

Scorching passion, gritty danger, and testosterone-fueled action blend flawlessly together in the latest addition to Adair’s hot and suspenseful Men of T-FLAC series. -- John Charles, Booklist

Cherry reveals the process behind her novel that Publisher's Weekly describes as, "...a steamy fusion of romance and heart-stopping suspense..."

Cherry Adair's Rat Story
Paul Gude

Cherry Adair's Rat Story
Best-selling romance author Cherry Adair relates a pivotal moment from her writing career.

The World Wide C.A.M.E.L. Union (TWWCU)
Cherry Adair
Cyril Millbrook Jr.

OUT OF SIGHT produces a reaction from the President of The World Wide C.A.M.E.L. Union.

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