Never have the stakes been higher. Never have two people faced greater risks or grappled with deeper desire.

Professional fine art restorer Emily Greene is in no mood to see the devil-may-care Max Aries. She hasn't forgotten, or forgiven the way Max dropped into her life a year ago, stole her heart, then vanished without a word. Max didn't even keep in touch with his father, Daniel, the master of art restoration and reproduction who taught Emily her craft and became her trusted friend. So when Daniel suddenly commits suicide, Emily is devastated. And when the prodigal playboy Max returns, her welcome for him is less than warm.

But her fury gives way to fear when Max reveals that his father's death was really murder... and Emily's life is now in danger. Like it or not, to stay alive, Emily must put herself in Max's hands. And once upon a time, that wasn't such a bad place to be. But who would target professional restorers of Renaissance artworks?

Max suspects that something found in his father's studio. His hunch is confirmed when his bosses at the covert anti-terror unit T-FLAC report that the Black Rose terror cell is involved‚ chilling fact that elevates the situation's threat level almost as high as the heated tension that's bristling between Max and Emily.

But Max isn't about to take his eyes off Emily, though only partly for professional reasons. And even Emily's annoyance over Max's take-charge attitude can't compare to her anger at herself for so long denying the truer, deeper feelings she has for the man who still quickens her heartbeat. As they crisscross the continent, piecing together the shocking clues to an insidious international plot, dodging increasingly lethal traps, and making up passionately for too much lost time, they realize that, in more ways than one, they can't live without each other. But the Black Rose has unleashed a wave of explosive strikes on cities throughout Europe. With no turning back, and no one to turn to but each other, Max and Emily must put their lives on the line, put their true feelings to the test... and get ready to take the heat.


Name: Max Aries

November 21st, 1972 Scorpio.

Vital Stats:
6'2". Brown. Hazel.

Italian, Greek, Spanish, Azerbaijani, Turkish, Portuguese, Arabic, Ashtiani.

Weapon of Choice:
Custom glock.

Past Missions in these Locales:
South Africa, Turkey, Japan, Venezuela.

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