Prime and proper Victoria Jones knew she was a coward- heck, she'd quit her job at the accounting firm because she found tax time too stressful! Only, her nice little job at the auto-parts store, eating bland food and dating nice, predictable men never prepared her for...


Tough, sexy, everything she feared in a man. But he was the one man who could rescue her brother. Besides, Marc owed her, he'd sent Alex on that dangerous mission. For once in her life Victoria would do whatever it took to get Marc to help her. No matter what Marc wanted from her...


Marc Savin code name Phantom

Military Service:
T-FLAC 1988

USSR, North Korea, Iran, Uzbekistan, Merezzo

Current Mission:
Retired from field work, but still trains agents and does special intel ops from T-FLAC's Montana Headquarters.

Vital Stats:

DOB: 1959

Height: 6'1"

Coloring: dark brow/silver gray

Weapons of Choice: Bare Hands

LanguagesR:ussian, Arabic, Accents

Special Skills:
Getting anywhere, anytime, sight unseen.

Marital status:
Victoria (Tory) né Jones Savin

1994-Jamie Savin
1996-Alexis Savin
1998-Shannon Savin

Favorite Quote:
"We spies just live for adventure."

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