Penning a profile of Rio’s hottest star-studded plastic surgery spa, writer Sydney McBride is going under the knife herself - all to revive a sagging career. But there’s a bigger, more scintillating story afoot for the daring journalist.

When a mysterious, incredibly hot fugitive seeks refuge in her bungalow, Sydney agrees to let him pose as her boyfriend - hoping to gain his confidence. Too bad Lucas Fox trusts no one. The drop-dead gorgeous T-FLAC operative’s paranormal powers may be flickering, but his bedroom skills rocket Sydney to breathtaking heights she didn’t know existed.

After uncovering an astounding conspiracy, Sydney and Lucas team up to prevent a global catastrophe: a terrorist organization marketing a virulent form of bio toxin plans nightmarish demonstrations of its deadly product. Going side-by-side with a world-hopping wizard at war, Sydney and Lucas stop along the way only for the most scintillating pleasures.

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