Posing as the spoiled girlfriend of an international crime lord, Delanie Eastman braves a remote mountain in South America to find her missing sister. The last person she expects to see is Kyle Wright, the man she had a torrid affair with four years ago. What is he doing so far from home?

Though frightened and suspicious of this man who is not what he seems, Delanie cannot resist the dangerous
attraction that draws her ever closer to him like a moth to flame.

Kyle is in the middle of his own secret mission and he's not about to let the gorgeous, unpredictable Delanie ruin his carefully laid plans. He will guide Delanie out of the jungle by any means necessary--including seduction.

But just one touch is all it takes to rekindle the intoxicating flame that still burns between them, igniting an arsenal of desire that could cost them their lives. For soon both are on the run, playing a lethal game of.... Hide and Seek.


Name: Dr. Kyle Wright aka Doctor Jekyll

Favorite Quote:
I believe in advertising.

Weapons of Choice:
His brain, but he'll use anything to stay alive longer than the bad guys.

Spanish, French, Hindi, Italian

Epidemiology, Bio-Hazards, Bio-Warfare

Missions in these locales:
Access Denied

Vital Stats:
Height:6' 4"

Green Eyes

Dark hair worn long when undercover, short in between missions

The second of the Wright siblings, Kyle set the curve for brains everywhere he went. He skipped elementary school and completed his BA, MD and residency before the age of twenty. Always looked at like a MENSA freak, Kyle put his mind to use away from people, in the lab, until his face could age enough to put patients at ease. He loves solving outbreaks and regularly consults with governments around the world, stopping pandemics before the first cases hit the evening news.

Delanie and Kyle have their hands full with her whirling dervish relatives and frequent trips to visit Delanie's sister Lauren at the T-FLAC wellness center headquartered in Montana. Delanie gave birth to two healthy babies, who now have real names, but are still called Fee and Fo.

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