Though her confidence is badly shaken by a training accident, A. J. Cooper vows to become an excellent T-FLAC operative. She is everything the antiterrorist agency looks for-she's smart, resourceful, and a crack shot. Eager to prove herself to her instructor, the highly regarded Kane Wright, A. J. takes on a difficult and potentially deadly assignment. A success in the field could be just the thing she needs to make her career with the agency-and working so closely with the extraordinary and irresistibly sexy Kane is a fantasy come to life.

Kane Wright is a master of disguise, hiding his powerful attraction for A. J. in the name of professionalism. But when she doesn't bounce back quickly after her accident, Kane's desire becomes concern. In the field, even a moment's hesitation can turn a routine operation into a deadly one. With A. J. taking a lead position in this mission, Kane knows he won't be able to take his eyes off his gorgeous tomboy trainee. Under the hot desert sun, even as they struggle to unravel a madman's devious plot, their long denied passion will finally boil over ....


Name: Kane Wright aka "Shutter"

Vital Stats:

6 ft. 3 in., twin to Derek Wright, though he believes Derek is prettier.

Favorite Quote:

He's been known to say, "smile you're on candid camera" before killing a target.

Weapons of Choice:

his hands, or his camera for evidence to be used in tribunals

Military Service:

think again before you ask

Missions in these locales:

Middle East expert so spends a great deal of time in sand.

Kane Wright is a legend at T-FLAC; he's a faceless myth to most new recruits. Kane doesn't have specialties since he wrote the book and most of the certification criteria. A photographer by love and an agent by need, Kane uses everything at his disposable to keep the world level for most of its inhabitants.

He knows how to change his persona with a slight of posture, or facial expression. He's who the world calls when they want to know if security can be breached. After a hostage situation, that left him with six men dead, Kane likes working alone. Until AJ Cooper propels into his life on mile long legs with the eyes of an eagle.

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