Huntington "Hunt" St. John needs a thief. Preferably a resourceful, cunning, totally unscrupulous thief capable of breaking into religious-zealot and terrorist Jose Morales' San Cristobel home and stealing a set of computer disks. Hunt, an operative with the privately funded, freelance antiterrorist organization T-FLAC, quickly discovers that jewel-thief Taylor Kincaid is the woman he wants, but before he can secure her services, Taylor does the job on her own. But after she is arrested mere hours later by the San Cristobel police, Hunt sees an opportunity for a deal. Taylor pretends she has no idea what Hunt is talking about until an encounter with a group of lethal terrorists out for the same disks convinces her that she'd be better off trusting the enigmatic and sexy Hunt. Adair continues her wonderfully addictive series featuring the sexy men of T-FLAC with this fast-paced and intricately plotted tale of danger, deception, and desire that is perfect for readers who like their romantic suspense adrenaline-rich and sizzlingly sexy.

Name:  Huntington St. John

Vital Stats:
Small scar on his temple courtesy of Taylor, smoky gray eyes

Master of control, interrogation, international Law

Favorite Quote:
This isn't British Airways

Weapons of Choice:
First the law, then anything that kills

Originally from the DC area, Hunt received his law degree from the University of London. He and Taylor married in 2005.

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