Lily Munroe believed she'd married an honest, dependable man, but she was painfully mistaken. It didn't take long before her once-loving husband became a secretive stranger, mixing with shady people and sinister dealings. Although Lily nursed him through a sudden terminal illness, her marriage was over long before he passed away.

During that difficult time, only her passion for the exhilarating Iditarod race across Alaska gave her something to look forward to, and she channeled her emotions into training dogs for the grueling event. Now a widow, she's more determined than ever to win the race, awaken her sense of self, and leave her past behind.

In the competition, the person to beat is consecutive two-time winner, Derek Wright. Extremely sexy and devilishly charming, Derek is the consummate playboy. Or is he?

Although Lily can't deny her intense attraction, she believes he is dangerous to her scarred heart. Little does she know that Derek is an elite T-FLAC, or how desperately she'll need to depend on his skills to keep her alive once the race is under way.

The frozen wilds of Alaska are perilous, the ice and snow as beautiful as they are deadly. But now there's even more to worry about than the harsh elements. Lily meets with a series of suspicious accidents, and, whether she likes it or not, Derek is determined to keep her safe. The stubborn woman tries everything she can to shake him and take the lead ... until it becomes obvious that the "mishaps" plaguing her along the trail are something far more sinister.

A spirited competition and a test of strength has now turned into a race for survival. Lily and Derek must battle the forces of nature, their growing attraction, and a ruthless assassin with a directive to kill.


Name: Derek Wright

Vital Stats:

A sapphire earring, sharp cheekbones and a charming smile


Dark Blue

Favorite Quote:

"My problem. My solution."

Weapons of Choice:

hand guns and spurs


Pakistani, Turkish, Russian, Romanian

Missions in These Locales:

The Russian Provinces, Kazakhstan, India, China

A rancher by nature, Derek loves working with big animals and being in open spaces. He's not particular about the weather as long as he's dressed correctly. Steady. Competent. Powerful. Derek is all these and more.

As an agent he spends a great deal of time cleaning up after the collapse of the Soviet Union and the democracy's slide to organized crime. A bad economy and hungry children are the surest way to dispose of any number of weapons and hardware.

Derek and Lily live on their ranch.

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