Going to his duffel, Jackson Slater took out his water bottle and chugged half of it down, relishing the warm wetness. He was alone in the middle of the arid outback’s wide-open spaces. Nobody out there but himself. Just the way he liked it. The Rudall River National Park was one of the most remote wilderness areas in the world. Nothing but spiny pale green clumps of spinifex and flat red earth as far as the eye could see.

Yet- damn it to hell - he could still hear her.  Sara. If he closed his eyes and concentrated he could almost make out her words. Instead, he kept them open and tried focusing on his latest ley lines discovery.

Jack had climbed mountains, forded rivers, and slept on the hard ground for months to reach his conclusions before presenting his latest findings to the Aequitas Archon. Leys were a consistent and magical source of energy for wizards...


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