Teal thought the brothers all looked as dark, swarthy, and uncivilized as their Spanish ancestors, which made their startling blue eyes that much more of a shock. Modern day pirates... The Cutter’s were all tall, well over six feet four inches.

UNDERTOW - Zane Cutter’s dark hair was thick and glossy, the strands brushed his jaw and had a bit of a wave to it, which softened the hard plains of his face. In one ear, he wore a small gold hoop earring, just like a freaking pirate.  His skin was very tanned, which made the shocking blue of his eyes that much more startling. 

RIP TIDE - Nick Cutter’s smile was white and self-satisfied. His blue eyes glittered with satisfaction.  Nick slouched in his chair, twisting a pen between long, elegant fingers as he listened. He wore jeans and a wrinkled red T-shirt. His bare feet were crossed at the ankles and propped on the chair beside him. His dark hair hung well below his shoulders, and his handsome features were all but indistinguishable due to his thick black beard. The middle Cutter looked like a blue-eyed caveman.

VORTEX - Logan Cutter was well groomed, his dark hair barbered, his face clean-shaven, his jeans and dark T-shirt immaculately pressed. His brother’s referred to him as ‘Wolf.’

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